St. Mary's Catholic Grade School. We have educated children living in Woodford County; Metamora, Germantown Hills, Washburn, Eureka, and Roanoke areas for over 135 years.
St. Marys School
St. Mary's Grade School
400 West Chatham
Metamora, IL 61548
tel: 309-367-2528 ● fax: 309-367-2169
St. Marys School

Lunch punch cards are $15.00 each for 5 punches. (All lunches include milk)

Milk punch cards are $1.50 each for 5 punches.

Seconds Cards are $10.00.


Fri., Aug. 17 - Fish sticks, potato wedges, corn, peaches


Mon., Aug.20 - Chicken strips, mashed potatoes/gravy, green beans, pineapple

Tues., Aug. 21 - Hot dog on bun, potato smiles, carrots, applesauce

Wed., Aug. 22 - Goulash, garlic bread, apple slices, salad

Thurs., Aug. 23 - Turkey & cheese sandwich, Fritos, pears, mixed fruit

Fri., Aug. 24 - Cheese pizza boat, corn, mandarin oranges