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Junior High Supply List Grades (Grades 6th - 8th) 2018-2019

2 packages of 100 3x5 ruled index cards​

12 - No. 2 pencils
2 packages wide-lined notebook paper
2 red ballpoint pens​

3 large boxes of facial tissue
1 scissors with pointed blades​

1 ruler scaled in centimeters and inches​

1 wide-lined single subject spiral notebooks (social studies)
1 zippered pencil pouch

​1 scientific calculator
1 large book bag

​1 box of 24 color crayons (art)
4 highlighters ​(4 different colors)

1 box washable markers (art)

1 black permanent marker (Sharpie, fine point - art)

​2 bottles Elmer’s glue (1 for art, 1 for class)

​1 box of 12 or more colored pencils (NOT ERASABLE - art)
6 glue sticks

6 - 100 sheets/200 pages composition notebooks

(social studies 1, literature 1, science 1, religion 1, math 2)
1 - 70 count disinfecting wipes
-System to organize papers (up to individual student to determine what will work best for them)

Some examples of an organization system include:

-folder for each class

-accordion folder

-binder with subject dividers/folders

8th Grade-Optional for students taking Algebra (will need in high school at MTHS)
TI-Nspire or TI-NspireCX (not TI-Nspire CAS)           ​



Preschool Supply List